Targeted Intervention project For Sex Workers:-

  • Organisation is working with sex workers for their health and empowerment in 4 blocks of Jalgaon district. When the organisation started working, the HIV prevention rate was 7 %, now it reduced to 2%.
  • The use of condoms increased to 98%.
  • We noticed that the sex workers did not have the Aadhar cards, voter ID cards and Ration cards (PDS). We advocated this issue to the government officials and ensured that they get these. As result, almost each of them have these cards and they are availing benefits under these.
  • 27 girls of the sex workers married and 87 children were enrolled in school before 12 years. Now they are studying in college.
  • There are 700 rural sex worker identified who receive regular services from the organisation.

Aadhar Aarogya Prakalp (Urban and Rural)

  • Under Aadhar Aarogya Prakalp, mother and child health care and basic health program was conducted in 7 villages and five slums of Amalner block.
  • 90 % pregnant mothers registered themselves before 12 weeks of pregnancy and underwent all essential testing.
  • 98% deliveries were institutional.
  • All adolescent girls were informed about care required to be taken in menstrual cycle.

Women and Family Counselling Centres

  • There are three counselling and legal aid centres, successfully running from last 19 years. Women complain about marital and familial disputes and request for mediation. Through this many families have been convinced to set up normal relations and the women have been empowered.
  • So far 4500 families have been re-joined. The cases were disputes were not settled and compromise seemed impossible, women were provided legal aid. The count of such disputes was 2800.

HIV Care and Support Programs 

  • From last 10 years, organization conducted HIV camps and tested 40000 pregnant mothers. Out of which, 1932 mothers were found HIV positive. However, the proper counselling and care for about one and half year in HIV care support centres deterred the threats of HIV to babies. As a result about 85% babies were found negative.
  • The persons inflicted with HIV positive are registered under Vihan centre (in collaboration with District Civil Hospital) at Jalgaon.
  • Person registered under this program received door step services as well as at the centre (like counselling, treatment adherence). Currently, we provide services to 8700 HIV positive persons.
  • 100 orphan children’s inflicted with HIV aids are receiving regular nutrition support from the last two years from foster parents of society.
  • Marriage of 15 couples (afflicted with HIV Positive) were arranged by the organization.
  • In 100 Villages of Jalgaon district, awareness programs about HIV aids and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) were held from 2010.
  • Every month, about 1500 to 2000 persons test their blood for HIV from each village.


            The organisation did face some crisis in respect with the support of the people at the beginning, however the constant counselling with the people landed a great success for the organisation. The impact is as follows:

  • Sex workers were made aware of the personal care as a result personal hygiene was maintained and the chances of aids were reduced for visitors and themselves.
  • The sex workers received their identity as a voter and as a citizen of India. This boosted their confidence and they initiated their support for the organisation.
  • The creation of 300 Self Help Groups (SHGs) in the district helped the women to grow financially. They could establish some small scale businesses.
  • The women became socially, functionally and politically literate.
  • They also started speaking against the domestic violence as they were made financially functional.
  • Aadhar stood as torchbearer for the women who were deprived of their basic rights and were victims of domestic violence.
  • The work in the field of women and child health strengthened women and children and the facility for health got established in the area. As a result, there emerged a team of trained people who help to provide health facilities.
  • Aadhar is looked as a ray of hope of the HIV patients and their families.

Governing Body Member:-

Sr.NoName and addressM/FAgepostQualificationProfession
1Smt Dr.Bharti  patil  Amalner dist-JalgaonFemale47ChairpersonPHDSocial-work
2Smt Renu Prasad Amalner Dist-JalgaonFemale48Managing DirectorM.S.WSocial-work
3Prof.Mr. Vijaykumar waghmare Amalner Dist.- jalgaonMale49SecretaryM.S.W Lecturer
4Smt. Vithabai Patil  Amalner Dist-JalgaonFemale64Trustee9thHouse wife
5Smt. Kalpana Borse  Khedi Ta-Amalner Dist- JalgaonFemale38Trustee10thSocial-work
6Smt. Jyoti Shrivastav Latur Dist- laturFemale37Trustee10thHouse wife
7Smt. Kalapana Suryawanshi  Nagaon-Amalner  Dist JalgaonFemale41Trustee12thSocial-work


(Prevention parent to child transmission of HIV)

     There are four mode of HIV transmission one of them is HIV transfer from mother to child during pregnancy or delivery to prevent these transmissions in Jalgaon district organization implementing PPTCT (Prevention parent to child transmission of HIV) project since 2007.for reach out the ANC   mother in urban and rural area in the district .25 Female outreach worker (ORW) are appointed. The project is supported by National AIDs Control Society (Govt.of India) through-IL&FS education, New Delhi.

           The objective of this partnership to prevent HIV transmission and mitigate the impact of HIV by expending access to testing counseling and prevention of parent to child transmission services. Strengthening entire program linkages specially HIV and TB collaboration and integrating HIV services.

  Various activities Conducted under project.

  • Tracking and Counseling of ANC Mother for HIV Testing.
  • Tracking and reporting number & percentage of HIV indicted per pregnant women and their babies receiving a complete course of ARV prophylaxis to reduce the risk of MTCT (Mother to Child transmition).
  • Tracking and reporting number percentage of infant born to HIV infected women. Who received HIV test within Two months of birth.
  • Follow up the mother baby pair till 18 months after delivery
  • Make home Visit and imparting Knowledge on immunization infant feeding as well as HIV testing for baby
  • Follow up HIV positive women so as to ensures institutional delivery & antiretroviral (ARV)
  • Prophylaxis to both mother and baby.

Achievements of the program.

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